my fitness regime|workouts, finding motivation, eating clean, & fav workout clothes

my fitness regime|workouts, finding motivation, eating clean, & fav workout clothes


I am definitely no health expert, I am not a nutritionist, and I am not a professional athlete. I just really enjoy working out and eating clean. What works for me may not work for everyone, and that is OK!

Being an athlete my whole life, I have always been very into fitness and trying to stay healthy. After joining the “NARP” life, I kind of hit the reset button on my fitness journey and had to figure out what would work for me in my new lifestyle. This post is meant to (hopefully) motivate you by going into detail on my typical workouts and what I eat to try and stay as healthy as possible.


For those of you that know me, I am addicted to spin and you can probably find me at Wheelhouse any given day when I am home in Andover. Indoor cycling has changed the way I view my workouts and has seriously improved my overall quality of life. I cannot wait to end my long distance relationship with spin in less than two weeks (and I may be doing something exciting with it when I move back home; stay tuned!). That being said, living in Ithaca for 4 years with no place to go spinning has forced me to go to the gym and try some new things on my own. I try to workout 6 days a week and usually spend about 60 minutes at the gym! Here’s a look into a typical gym day:


0:00 – 3:00 walk at 4 MPH

3:00 – 7:00 run at 8.5 MPH

7:00 – 10:00 walk at 4 MPH on an incline

10:00 – 14:00 run at 8.5 MPH

14:00 – 17:00 walk at 4 MPH on an incline

17:00 – 21:00 run at 8.5 MPH

21:00 – 24:00 walk at 4 MPH on an incline

24:00 – 28:00 run at 8.5 MPH

28:00 – 31:00 walk at 4 MPH on an incline

*inclines between 8 and 9*

Following my treadmill workout, I usually hop on a stationary bike for 10 minutes to stay in my ~cycling groove~. After I finish my cardio, I usually pick a couple of different exercises to do in a circuit form. Some of these may include:

  • Rowing
  • Rope slams
  • Stair sprints
  • Jump rope
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees
  • Back squats with light weight
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups

I have also been targeting my arms lately because I have so many events coming up where I need to wear a dress!!! I try to do 10 minutes of body weight/light weight arms everyday. I’ve gotten a lot of my exercises from watching videos on the Love Sweat Fitness Youtube Channel. I always finish my workouts with 5-10 minutes of abs!


Let me tell ya, there are plenty of days where I literally drag my ass to go workout. But, I have NEVER regretted a workout. For me, working out can help solve a lot of my daily struggles. Stressed? Angry? Go workout. Hungover? Sweat it out. Easier said than done, I know; it can be very difficult to find the motivation and can be so much easier to keep pushing it off for the next day. Here are some tips that help keep me motivated:

  • Treat your workout as “me time”: This is YOUR hour of the day where you have complete control over what you want to do. You have this time to take a break from work, social media, texting, studying, group projects, etc. Take advantage of it!
  • Switch up your workouts: Not only is this best for seeing results, it will also help keep you interested and excited about working out. Try a new workout class, watch videos of new exercises, test out different machines. There are so many ways you can continue to switch up your workouts which is so good for your body and mind.
  • Write out your workout schedule: Sometimes writing out your plan for the week really helps you stay on track. Also, if you’re like me, it’ll feel weirdly satisfying to cross it off when you finish it.

As great as working out can be for your mental and physical health, ALWAYS listen to your body. If you need rest days, take them! You will benefit more from resting when you are tired rather than pushing yourself too far and hurting your body.



I try to eat healthy because it makes me feel. fricken. amazing. It helps with my overall digestion and bloating. Eating well makes ME feel good and you should do whatever makes YOU feel good. If that means eating whatever you want, whenever you want then I hate you do that! ☺

Anyone else feel like summer always sneaks up on you? Like one minute you’re scarfing down Christmas cookies and hiding under 20 layers and the next minute it’s 90 degrees out and time to hit the beach!? I swear this always happens. Anyways, I’ve been trying so so hard to stay on track through all the end of the year festivities. For me, I try to be really good with my eating throughout the week so I can splurge a little more on the weekends. That being said, eating at home and making my own meals has really helped me stay on track (and save money). I’ve definitely been having more frequent cheat days lately, and that’s totally ok! I’m going through a lot of changes and fun times in my life right now and I know everything will get back on track once things slow down. Here’s a look into what I typically buy at the grocery store:


  • Eggs
  • Lettuce (Mixed greens and spinach)
  • Olive oil
  • Lemons
  • Avocado
  • Turkey/Chicken
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Veggies (Green beans, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, etc.)


Just like with taking rest days, it is OK to have a cheat day! You need to give in to your cravings so you don’t go on a crazy binge from resisting for so long. One of my biggest tips is give in to your craving but get right back on track after, don’t just give up because “you’ve already ruined the day or the week” (can you tell I’ve done this before?).


Always lookin’ for some healthy recipes and new workouts; please send them my way and share with me if you have any! xo


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