girls guide to graduation

girls guide to graduation

Graduation season is quickly approaching (30 days for me, to be exact), which can be a whole mix of different emotions. It’s exciting, sad, scary, happy, etc. all at once. On top of all of these emotions is the stress of finding the perfect dress or outfit. It really is a big day and the pressure to look your best is definitely an added burden! It can be difficult to coordinate the right color with your robe or find comfortable, yet cute, heels. I’ve pulled some of my favorites that I’ve found while browsing to try and help make your search a little easier. I tried to find a variety of colors that may work depending on your school’s robes, or if you are just a guest attending a graduation ceremony. Lots of white because I feel like that is a go to for a lot of people, but also some options with a pop of color! All of these dresses are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank. The main goal is to find something you feel comfortable in for your special day; this is a huge accomplishment for all!♡

I also wanted to add some cute/basic/go to shoe options for you guys, so you can check these out too!


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