first aid beauty review

first aid beauty review

ok WOW it has been a very long time since I’ve blogged… part of that is me being lazy and part of that is me being busy enjoying my summer and my new job at wheelhouse. But, either way, its been too long and I have been itching to get back on here!

A friend of mine who works at First Aid Beauty (what a cool job right!?) sent me a TONNN of products to try out. At first I was like yeah yeah I’ll try them out and see if I like any of them… I’m pretty simple (like Neutrogena face wash from CVS simple) when it comes to skin care and rarely ever switch it up because I’ve found that less is more when trying to keeping my skin clear. BUT, after using their products for about a month now, I’m seriously obsessed! I thought I’d go into detail on some of my favorites from FAB incase you are ever interested in trying some new skincare and aren’t quite sure where to start!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

My skincare routine typically starts with their basic face cleanser. It’s very light and perfect for sensitive skin.

Ultra Repair Oat & Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

I will typically follow my cleanser with their Oat & Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. I actually didn’t try this product out for a little while and had it sitting in my cabinet for weeks; the second I tried it I was hooked. I have never been a big fan of putting oils on my face but for some reason this has become one of my absolute favorites. It makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed and gives you a dewy glow without putting any makeup on.

After the oil, I will moisturize using one of the two creams above. I kinda just alternate between the two and like to switch them up sometimes. The Ultra Repair Cream is a little thicker and very hydrating & the Barri Air Cream is lighter. I find the Barri Air cream very cooling and it feels great after a workout or a day in the sun. It literally feels like cold air and has a “cloud-like” texture. They are both amazing.

Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask

I’ve fallen in love with this mask because I feel like I tend to use intense charcoal ones that honestly don’t feel great on my face. The Ginger & Turmeric Jelly Mask is so soothing and leaves your skin feeling bright and hydrated.

Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Ok this one had me sold just by reading the name of it. “Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer”. That literally sounds like the type of product any person would want to put on their face. (that’s good marketing by them right there) I have used the same primer before applying makeup for years now and was kind of nervous to try something new. I’m a creature of habit. But, I was really surprised with how much I liked this product. It is the perfect mix of “priming and hydrating”. It gets your skin ready to apply your makeup but leaves it feeling fresh and moisturized without harshly drying it out.

If there are any FAB products you guys use and feel like I’m missing out on let me know because I’ve become obsessed with this brand and have loved everything I’ve tried so far!


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